Kenneth Pettine Makes Neck Pain Breakthroughs with Stem Cell Treatments

There aren’t many problems more frustrating than a bad neck. In case you haven’t noticed the neck is used in most every basic movement in the core of our bodies and when you have chronic pain or a debilitating issue in the neck, it can affect your whole life. Up until now the main treatments for chronic neck pain has been tedious physical therapy with no promised results of surgery which itself has mixed results on long-term efficacy.

Doctors are learning more about back and neck issue therapies every day, and one Colorado-based doctor whose personal tag line is “friends don’t let friends get fused” is working to change the standard of disc fusions in treating chronic neck pain and sports medicine issues related to the neck.

The treatments involve using the patient’s stem cells found in their bone marrow and injecting those stem cells into the neck to rebuild healthy tissue and help calm inflammation in areas of the cervical spine which deal with the six cervical discs of the neck area.

In Pettine’s study, he tested the bone marrow and stem cell concentrate on 182 patients with ages ranging from 18 to 80. Most patients showed remarkable improvement in their six-month, one-year, and two-year follow ups, and none have had to receive costly and invasive disc fusion surgery, and that’s the real effort of Pettine.

“The results indicate a bone marrow concentrate injection may be a reasonable non-surgical treatment option for patients with degenerative cervical disc neck pain,” said Dr. Pettine. “That’s great news for those who were suffering site painful symptoms and left without promising treatment options.”

About Kenneth Pettine M.D.

Dr. Pettine has concentrated his efforts on advancing options and treatments for the spine, sports medicine, and orthopedic issues throughout his career. Dr. Pettine helped co-found the Rocky Mountain Associates in Orthopedic Medicine in 1991 and has been the principal investigator in 18 FDA-sanctioned clinical trials. Pettine co—invented the Maverick and Prestige Artificial Discs which are used to treat spine and neck conditions without the use of disc fusion surgery.

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